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Avis Auction is a closed auction that allows trade and excess retail vehicle stock to be sold via the auction platform to a community of registered vehicle traders/dealers.
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One platform for seamless car buying and selling

Optimise vehicle stocks with a safe, secure and transparent auction platform.
Stable Supply

We continuously list vehicles for sale at termination and have auctions closing 5 days a week at 15:30.

High-Quality Vehicles

Get the cream of the crop. We take exceptional care of our vehicles with strict maintenance oversight.

Spoilt for Choice

From luxury and premium to budget vehicles. There is something for everyone's customers.

About Avis Auction

Transparent. Efficient. Fair.
The smartest way to source stock.

Since the inception of our business in 2007, we have developed a successful and impartial online auction.

In the current difficult economic climate, Avis Auction offers informed buyers who want to use their skills the opportunity to make a decent saving when purchasing their stock through our vehicle auction platform.

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How to Register

Register in a few simple steps

Start your registration in few steps to access the auction and start bidding.
Click Buyer Registration

Click Buyer registration in the top navigation to begin your registration process.

Follow the 5 easy steps

Online registration requires you to follow five simple steps to set up your profile.

Email Required Documents

We will send you an email with the required documents. Your information will be verified.

Start Bidding

Once your account is activated, you will receive your login details and can start bidding.

Placing a Bid

How to place your bid on Avis Auction

It's never been easier to place a bid. Place a manual bid or use the auto bid feature to place your bid.
The highest bid secures the vehicle.

Manual vs. Auto Bid

To place a manual bid, you will need to click on the bid button. The bid amount and increment is displayed.

Using the auto bid is similar to placing a manual bid. The big difference is that with auto bid you specify the maximum amount you want to spend, and automatic bidding continues to place bids on your behalf if someone outbids you.


Keeping Track of your Bids

Once your bid is placed, you will receive a notification. As long as you hold the leading bid, the vehicle will show green on your list. If you are outbid, the vehicle will be displayed in red. This way you always stay up to date.


Do you want to keep track of your vehicles? The system makes it very easy for you by allowing you to add them to your basket cart. You can view your shopping cart at any time!


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